Personal Lines – Winter 2020

Insurers Handling More Auto Claims with AI

fender benderHigh tech is changing the way claims are processed. Read on for details.

Do You REALLY Know What’s in Your Homeowners Policy?

Are You Covered road signMany homeowners don’t. The Insurance Information Institute surveyed homeowners to find out how well people understand their policies. Here are their findings. Read on for details.

Are You Insuring Your Home to Value?

tiny house modelOkay, you’ve been stuck at home for several months now because of the pandemic and maybe you’ve decided to make the best of your time by working to improve your house. Read on for details.

Why Do People in Horror Movies Never Have Insurance?

Do you ever wonder whether sometimes people in the movies could have avoided a lot of trouble if they just had insurance? Probably not. Only insurance people think about things like that. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to consider how insurance could have been useful in some famous horror movies.
Read on for details.